Polypropylene bags - Product Catalog


Polypropylene bags are used for packaging, transportation and storage of various types of bulk products:

  • Food products
  • Agricultural products
  • Chemical products
  • Construction materials
  • Other bulk materials


We produce bags according to individual sizes and characteristics of the customer, including bags with a polyethylene liner and flexographic printing (6 colors).

Depending on the packaged products, polyethylene liners of various thicknesses can be used. When packaging food products, only liners with the appropriate tolerance are used.

Bags with the company logo or product image printed on them are an effective advertising medium and attract the attention of consumers.


Stitched bags are available only with an open top.

Custom bags

Bag dimensions (sm.)WeightInformation
50 X 8044 gr25 kg
55 X 9046 grfor bran
55 X 9060 gr
55 X 8052 gr
55 X 9756 gr
55 X 10552 grfor bran
55 X 11072-74 gr
60 X 9754 gr
60 X 10564 gr
60 X 10564 grfor bran
60 X 11068 grfor bran
60 X 11074 гр.
65 X 110112 grfor nuts
60 X 9565 grfor nuts
35 X 5020 gr5 kg

Bags for cement and sand

Bag sizeBag weightInformation
33 X 6220 gr
40 X 6526 gr
45 X 8032 gr
47 X 8738 gr
50 X 9040-42 gr
55 X 10554 gr.

We are ready to discuss individual terms of cooperation with each customer and provide product samples for testing. To order bags, you can call by phone or send an e-mail request